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Shiraishi Kuranosuke
My view from the top.
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26th-Aug-2011 08:02 am(no subject)
The next song I write will be an ode to the shredded remains of my $700 Louis Vuitton scarf, because SOMEONE never figured out how to close the goddamn closet doors to keep the cat out like I keep telling him to.

I'm going out!
16th-Apr-2011 08:36 am(no subject)
Ryou, thank you for your gift. The girls loved it.

Kenya, you were right. That was perfect.
11th-Apr-2011 09:15 pm(no subject)
kiss me
Spring tour starts tomorrow, starting with Saitama.

I'm anxious to finally have all this hard work pay off.

If you want tickets, you got 'em.
7th-Apr-2011 09:48 pm(no subject)
blurry vision
All right, so maybe the gal with the degree in nutrition had a point. Those are definitely ribs.
22nd-Mar-2011 11:19 am(no subject)
yay drinking

Thought you deserved my autograph anyway, so I brought you this.

Kisses.Collapse )
17th-Mar-2011 07:12 pm(no subject)
oh really
Oh, what's this? Snow up north?

Babe, I'm sorry I'm working tonight, but I think I can make it up to you ♥
7th-Mar-2011 09:49 am(no subject)
The hell? Where did all this rain come from? My hair just won't do anything today.

Anyway, good show this weekend, Kenya.

Hope my texts didn't distract you from your after partying too much. ♥

Zaizen, I had a chat with one of your girls after the performance. We agree that your pants were hot as hell but that your look would be vastly improved with eyeliner.
5th-Feb-2011 12:27 pm(no subject)
I also feel like throwing myself down the side of a snowy mountain.

Yeah, I know, again.

Who's in?
5th-Feb-2011 10:56 am(no subject)
say what
I think my personal trainer has lost her mind.

Eat more? Really?

I mean... really?
17th-Jan-2011 10:22 am(no subject)
kiss me
My manager/s are just gonna love this what with the evening off for dinner and the spring tour coming up, but screw 'em. A man's gotta take a break.


This weekend.

You, me, and a lovely little hot spring in Nagano.

Pack the boarding gear.

Kisarazu A, let's make this happen.
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